The Duhks at Hugh's Room

Hailing from Canada’s Mosquito capital, Winnipeg, and possibly the hardest working band in the country – they have been on the road since last January – The Duhks (‘The Ducks’) played Hugh’s Room last night to celebrate the release of their new CD Fast Paced World.

Shooting people singing into microphones isn’t something I really find exciting any more. Time was when the latest band blowing into town was ‘huge’ enough to ignore the sloppy stage littered with equipment, and the often indifferent stage shows were seen as proof in themselves of artist credibility.

But now I kind of look at these shows as an art form that has ceased to evolve. Same rock star poses, same cluttered staging. After five years of being fortunate enough to see some of the best of Toronto culture and entertainment, rock shows look kind of static by comparison.

So it’s with a somewhat jaundiced eye that I approach this show at Hugh’s Room.
But it turns out The Duhks are consumate musicians, with a wide-ranging repetoire making forays into different musical terrain seemingly with every song. Strong vocals, tight musicianship, and a workman-like professional approach on stage quickly wins you over.

It was my first shoot at Hugh’s Room and I made an interesting discovery. You can actually shoot the show quite comfortably right from the 2nd stool on the left at the bar!

Do a couple frames, swig some Stella while checking out the LCD, do a couple more frames, sip some Stella … you get the idea.

I hope word of this doesn’t get out. With all the boozehounds in the media it’s likely to look like fashion week next time I show up with gaffer taped X’s on the floor and twenty people squished into a space that would comfortably hold five.

Nice low key venue, interesting, engaging band. Save my bar stool. I'll be back!

Photo shot with the Olympus E3 w/ 50-200mm 2.8 (yes folks, with the 2x multiplier that’s the equivalent of a 2.8 100-400mm lens)

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