More Bratz Coloring Pages

Today I have three more Bratz coloring pages.

A cheerleader Brat. Check out the pompons! And wow, those are some big running shoes.

A flirty Brat in furry hat and boots coloring page. I love those boots! Though I can't believe they are not cold in these outfits.

Two Bratz dolls fashionistas printable, doing what they are best at – posing for the cameras! And Yeah for those hats! I love the fedora on the one in the background.

It’s nice to see someone enjoying a hot summer day… Especially this time of year, when the only way to get warm is by sitting on top of the heater… So please, use lots of blue crayons (for the clear sky) and yellow ones (for the sun). And send some warm wibes in this direction.

Enjoy these free printables and come back for more soon!

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