Update on Jarred Matthew Deans

Dear All

Jarred had his last session of radiation last week Tuesday, the 14th of July after having a total of 28 sessions everyday, 5 days a week – YYIIPPEEE.

During the radiation period they measured his kidney function because of his blood results showing that his renal function was not functioning properly. The scan indicated that his left kidney was operating at 81% and his right kidney at 19%, the reason for this is because of the size of the tumor had put pressure on his right kidney and also his bladder was not emptying completely, thus Jarred having had a vesicostomy (an opening on his pelvic area to release pressure from the bladder, in other words he now also has wee coming out the opening on his pelvic area) done, which according to the Renal Doctor is not a permanent opening but had to be done because of the pressure building and irritating the right kidney even further. The Renal Doctor will have his kidney’s measured again to see how they have improved.

Since the operation Jarred’s counts are the best that they have been in a long while, his calcium is now back to normal and well as his creatinine and ofcourse is renal function being almost back to normal. Jarred has just completed Week 13 of Chemo and will only receive chemo again every 3rd week until his protocol of 25 weeks is complete.

Thereafter Jarred will be on maintenance for a period of 9 months where he will be coming into the hospital once a month for a push in dose of chemo.

Jarred has now also got a feeding tube for night feeds because of chemo and radiation his appetite is not been so great. His feeding tube will stay until he has gained weight so that he doesn’t fall off the growth chart. He has only been on for a week and already his has picked up 200grams and anything that he has during the day by mouth is an added bonus. Needless to say that I will persist trying throughout the day, be it a crip or a bottle, it all adds up.

Thank you for all of your prayers, love and support.

Lots of love

Mike, Nikki, Jessica & Jarred

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