Fekkie Fek Fek

Got the dreaded call from Kaylin's School to say she has a fever of 38 and has been coughing non stop since lunch time. Yes, she was coughing a little in her sleep last night but she slept like a rock from 7:45 until 6:30 this morning.

I phoned my GP only to be told that he's on leave and the other doctor's are full booked. Fekkin' doctors...

I drove around our area trying to find a doctor and I got an appointment with a Dr Styl (a lady doctor) at 4:15pm yesterday. She was very nice, gave Kaylin the once over, weighed her, listened to her chest, looked in her throat and ears, took her temperature and declared that she has very red ears. She has bilateral ear infection and is on 7 days of antibiotics.

No wonder KK was complaining that she had "sand in her ears". Poor wee thing.

And I thought it was just a bit of a cold.

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