Missed Opportunity

I sent Janie (my big sis who's just had a baby girl) a text message on Thursday night to tell her that I'm thinking about her having to get up in the middle of the night for what she calls "Claire Care". We're having a really cold winter and it can't be easy getting out of your warm bed to bare your breast to the icy breeze for feeds and midnight nappy changes. I told her that she can let me know when she needs a night off.

My kids both sleep like the dead from 8pm until 6:30am so I'm well rested in the morning. I was thinking about Janie's sleep deprivation and remember how hard it was having to cope the next day with only a few hours sleep. My heart went out to her.

I was so busy at work on Friday. I saw I had a response from Janie and opened it...saw how long the message was and thought to myself "I'll read it later so I can give my FULL attention to it". And of course... I got busy at work and forgot about the message. Shame on me! SHAME ON ME!!!

I only read the message this morning and she did in fact want my help and wanted me to baby sit last night!!!!!

Now I missed out on babysitting Claire last night and giving Janie the night off!!!

I feel awful that I missed her text message...

How can I make it up to her???

I'm so cross with myself. I make her an offer and then she takes it and I didn't get the message....

I feel like a dawg!!!

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