The Benefits of Pets

The girls and I have been dying to get a wee doggie for ages. I know it would be good for them but Riaan is hearing NOTHING of it.

I know we said a few years ago when we lost our Dougie (our cat), that we were never going to have pets again..we get too attached and are devastated when we loose our beloved furry family members.

I know that Furry Friends decrease stress and give unconditional love. What a better friend for the girls to have? They even encourage us to get outside and exercise - taking the doggie to the park for a run or walk. They improve our mood when we get home after a stressful day at work, we're always greeted with a doggie smooch and a wagging questions asked.

It would also teach the girls some responsibility - having to care for a pet. Bathing, brushing, feeding, cleaning up the dog poo, exercising, playing and loving.

Yes, pets come with additional responsibilities and work. We need to consider them when we go away for a break, we need to consider their happiness at home when we're at work (get two!). There are many pros and cons but I think the pro out-weigh the cons at this stage.

There are tons of Pooch Palaces, Doggie Daycare and Canine Country Clubs these days that you can leave your furry friends with if you go away for the weekend and there is always pet sitters and friends who would be more than willing to babysit for a few days...

Look at these cute furry cuties and tell me its not a good idea....if anyone knows what kinda of doggie this is, leave a message in the comments section below!


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