Back from an Afternoon of Shopping

....and I'm frikken knackered!!!

Normally I relish at the opportunity to go to the shops and scour the twinkling racks full of brand new garments but today was totally different.  I had no money to spend on myself but I so enjoyed helping my sister spend her hard earned doe.  It was great to see her so excited about clothes shopping and getting new things and venturing into unknown territory...

Let me give you a little background...

My sister loves black! No I mean she LOVES black and that goes for her wardrobe too. Everything she wears is either solid black or contains black.  She's just had a baby and with the few extra kilos she's carrying, she thinks black makes her look slimmer.  Well, I generally stick to that rule too and I tend to agree with her that it does work.  However, sometimes you need to break your habits and step out of your comfort zone. 

We slogged around the many lovely clothes shops at The Glen for 5 hours!!  My feet are still throbbing and the loud music in some of those stores would make your ears bleed... 

However, my sister got some really awesome things for summer including two pairs of shorts, a pair of smart pants, a pair of really funky three quarter jeans and some really spiffy t-shirts and tops.  We even got  two pairs of summer shoes - a pair of practical flat pumps and pair of dead cute wedges for work (which I had to buy as well because they were on sale.  And you know how much a mean Scot loves a bargain!)

I tried to convince her to buy a skirt and a pretty flowing dress but she wasn't biting at all.  At least she gave me the benefit of the doubt and tried them on.  I thought she looked really pretty but I guess you can't expect someone to change their habits overnight.  Anyhooo, the stuff that she did buy wasn't ALL black and it was quite different to what she would normally buy.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with my sister.  It actually didn't even matter to me what we were doing.  She's awesome - and I can't remember the last time we did something like this together.  It was so brilliant to share this with her.  We giggled lots and what girl does NOT enjoy shopping for new stuff??

All-in-all a fun afternoon and a successful shopping spree.

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