Bulging at the Seems

Dear Calorie King

I have not stopped eating this morning and I've been wondering why I'm over-eating - is it that time of the month when I crave sweet things?  Is it emotional eating?  I have no idea...but I think I've eaten my body weight in junk this morning.

Now I feel terribly guilty and have just popped two FAT burners - the cheek of it- yip, only two.  I should've consumed the entire fucking bottle for what I've consumed this morning and most of it is sweet things...

Oh the guilt!  Now I can understand how people become bulimic...the guilt is just so bad and the bloated feeling SUCKS.

I'm a complete piggie.   I should be in a sugar coma by now...

Please forgive me. I've completely fallen off the wagon this week.

Back to gym and eating plan next week, I promise...


Miss Piggie.

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