15 things women can do that men can't

Here's a light-hearted (but true) list of things that women can do but men can't. Enjoy!.....written by Jane Van Velsen

Women can multi-task

Ask your partner/husband to clean up and get the kids ready for school, cancel the dentist and book supper all before 10am and you'll go to work knowing you'll have to double check or do it yourself. Women can multi task, men are hopeless at it.
We can chat on the phone whilst putting together school projects, keeping an eye on supper and paint our toenails all at the same time. We're faster and definitely more organised.

We live longer

It's a fact that, on average, women live longer than men. In fact women do indeed live five to ten years longer than men in most countries of the world.. By 2031 life expectancy is expected to rise to 81 for men and 84.9 for women.

Women can wear dresses

Well they could, but they'd look a little silly. (Kilts don't count)

We can have multiple orgasms

Women are capable of experiencing orgasm within seconds of the previous one, unlike men who really need a good recovery time in between each orgasm to perform sexually.

Women can get pregnant

The only pregnant man I've ever seen was Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Junior" and that wasn't nice! (and of course Thomas Beatie but he used to be a woman)

Women are more physically active

Recent surveys show that women are physically more active throughout life; women do more of the 'physiotherapy of daily living', such as getting the shopping in and doing the housework, and exercise protects against many age-related conditions.

Women are tougher than men

Fact: There is growing evidence that women are biologically tougher than men. Scientists now know that female hormones protect women from heart disease and they believe that the reasons for women's biological resilience have to do with the way women have evolved to play their reproductive roles.

It's about gene survival. The mother needs to survive longest to care for her young until they are able to fend for themselves whereas the men are expendable earlier - having done their bit!

We can grow breasts (real ones)

I'm not talking about those droopy fat pecs that some men acquire with age. Women nurture their young and mammary development is essential to the growth of the young.

Women can acquire a new surname

We can alter our whole identity through marriage and retain the surname even after divorce. We can double barrel our own surname with that of our new husband too!

We can blame PMS

A much used 'out' for women from our teens to our late forties when menopause usually kicks in and serves as a better excuse!

We smoke less

Statistically, men are more likely than women to smoke, with the result that more die before their time of lung cancer, other smoking-related cancers, and heart disease.

We can become aroused without anyone else noticing

It certainly helps to have discreet sexual parts!

Women can cover up pimples and blemishes

No man looks good in make up except maybe Boy George

Women can wear G-strings

Let's face it, a man in a thong just doesn't cut the mustard.

And last (but not least) we ask for directions

GPS aside, men hate asking for directions. Women, on the other hand, prefer to get directions before setting off.

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