I make the Quick and NASTY!!!

I made supper last night as I got home early with the girls. I made a beef stew with wild rice and as I dished up for the girls, Megan said to me: “Mum this is yummy!”

Riaan pipes up and says: “Ja, Mummy makes the nice, yummy food and I make the quick and NASTY!”.

This made me giggle and appreciate him all the more. Not only is he a goofy guy, he occasionally cooks supper for us. Riaan does a lot of the cooking and some husbands don’t lift a finger. Some hubbies just sit on the couch, watch sport and fart. Yes, he does his fair share of sitting on the couch and farting but at least he helps me out in the kitchen when I ask.

I appreciate that. My Boerewors needs some work on picking up his dirty clothes and putting them in the washing basket but if I need him to stop at the shop and pick somethingup , he’s there like a bear in his underwear. If I need him to pop out at 11pm at night to go and get medicine for the kids, he’s there.

My Knight in shining kitchen utensils....


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