Friday Fun

I nicked this from Angels Mind and loved her answers.  Here's mine
1. want: the day to go quickly so that I can start my weekend chilling with The Beatles Rock Band and time with my awesome family.
2. need:  to realise there are things I cannot control and to let them go.  Give more.

3. thankful for:  my wonderful wee family, my terrific friends and Fridays!

4. thinking:  that I need to open my heart more and let people in.
5. quote: "Dreams can come true if you only take time to be honest and carefully choose your goals in life. Find out what you are good at, and work hard towards achieving it."

6. watching:  the antics of our women around the office.  Its shameful and they have mouths worse than sailors but they make me smile and my heart warm.

7. lacking:  patience and insight.

8. listening: Black Eyed Peas - The End
9. responding:  immediately.  I'm not a procrastinator.

10. planning:  our 2010 December Camping Road Trip

11. am:  happy and content and grateful for everything and everyone in my life.
12. not:  sticking to my diet and completely falling off the wagon.  Really need to get back on.

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