Fist Fight and Conversation with Kaylin

Kaylin came home last week with a scraped nose.
I asked her teacher what happened and she said that one of the little boys in her class had grabbed her nose and scratched her in a fight over a toy.  I asked her what Kaylin did in return (I knew Kaylin wouldn't just stand there and take a beating from one of her peers).  Her teacher said that she side-swiped the little boy back and knocked him off his feet.  Thats more like the Kaylin I know.
You must understand I don't condone fighting from both my daughters with their little friends but I have taught them that if someone hurts them, they are allowed to retaliate and fight back.  (Don't shoot me for not teaching my girls to "turn the other cheek") but I'd much prefer they learn to stand up for themselves and be assertive.
In car trip on the way home from school I asked Kaylin what happened, wanting to hear her version of the story.  She said "Sheldon hurt me and gave me bleed!". I said: "and what did you do? Did you get him back?"  "Yes I smack him HARD!" *demonstrating her side-wipe move*.  I said "Good for you!".
I just giggled to myself at the image in my mind of my petite angelic-looking daughter (don't let her looks fool you) whacking a much bigger boy off his feet. 
Dynamite sure does come in tiny packages...
Here's her 5 day-old injuries....

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