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Most of you know how I'm addicted to Guitar Hero and I was just so elated to find out about  The Beatles Rock Band  which I can play with my World Tour stuff.  Yesterday I spent 3 hours of the afternoon playing the new game and I simply couldn't tear myself away as I progressed through the levels, all the familiar songs floaded back to me and the music just got better and better.  

To give you a little of my Beatle background just so you know why I'm so excited about this game...

When my sister and I were growing up, we listened to the Beatles LPs over and over.  My older sister, Janie, was their biggest and most dedicated fan and as we shared one tiny room with one old record player and two stacked bunk beds, I had no choice but to listen and suck it all in.  She had a green record player holder with all her prized Beatles albums inside packed in the order that they were released.  Yes, Janie is a little obsessive and anal about these kinds of things.  She bought books on the Beatles history and studied them in great depth.  She stared at the pictures for hours and hours.

Hence, I know all the words to all the Beatles songs (as well as the harmonies).  I know, I know its rather pathetic and sad.  When my sister and I were younger and she was going through her Beatlemania-phase, I hated them beccause not only did I hear the records repeatedly in my head, it took Janie into a different world that I wasn't apart of. 

All I wanted to do was go and play with her outside, and all she wanted to do was study the beautiful brown eyes of Paul McCartney.  (I always prefered John Lennon anyway)....I got educated by Janie on the full  history of the four lads from Liverpool;  how they got started, that before Ringo Starr joined as drummer they had a really good-looking drummer called Pete Best and before Paul their bassist was Stuart Sutcliffe (one of John Lennon's art school friends).  I knew all about their manager, Brian Epstein, who turned out to be gay (another piece of useless information) and their Producer George Martin during the early years. 

Yes, people I am a wealth of Beatles information and its all thanks to my sister's constant coaching and blethering on about how awesome they were.

Back to present day and age and I now love the Beatles music.  Their sounds and look was revolutionery and its the type of music you can sing along to and tap your foot to.  Its brilliant karaoke material!  And  y'all know how much I love to karaoke. 

Janie, we need to jam soon!

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