The Girls School Concert

This year the theme of the girls' annual school concert is ABBA and they have some exciting things planned (even some of the Teachers are dancing).  The concert is always a HUGE event at The girls' school and all of us are excited.
Riaan got up at 6am to get to the school when ticket sales opened.  He got front row seats for us (thanks my Wonderful Husband).  I'm so glad about that because last year we had to sit way in the back and the video came out with all different heads and hairstyles blocking the view of our wee precious performers.  We weren't going to make that same mistake this year.  However, it could back-fire on us because the minute KK sees me, she'll freeze up.

We've been playing their ABBA songs that each classes has been assigned, at home every day for them to practice their moves and they've got them down. 

Now all we need to do is be there like a bear in our underware at the venue tomorrow night and watch them in action.  Megan is so excited about it and can't wait.  She's a sailor dancing with the boys (as usual) to ABBA's "S.O.S" and Kaylin is something with wings (I think, she won't let us know exactly what her costume looks like and I only got a brief peek) and she's dancing to ABBA's "Angel Eyes" and "Super Trooper". 

This will be Megan's last performance before going on to "big school" next year where they only do a concert every two years :-(.  I will miss it.

I'm really not expecting much from Kaylin as she has a mind of her own and it really depends on how she feels that night and what mood she's in whether or not she'll do the moves.  She's done them all of us at  home where she's comfortable and shows off and its all so dead cute.  However, in front of a crowd of over 500 people is a different story with lights, loud music, videographer and plenty camera flashes going off.  Its a little daunting for a 3 year old who, last year, stood on the stage - doe-in-the-head-lights - with her finger in her mouth crying. 

Who knows, she may surprise us this year.

I should get the official photos of them in their full costume tomorrow, as they were taken last week Friday at school.  So if they don't perform at least I've got the pics.  And I've ordered the DVD as a keepsake.

Standby for pix and an update.

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