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Thought I’d update you on some of my 100+ personal blog reading list that I follow and read regularly. Perhaps you might like to visit and follow some of them too. Here goes My Blogs of Note

A very trendy blog called Magneto to Bold is written by a side-splittingly funny chick who swears like a sailor who’s writing is incredibly witty and smart. She never fails to cheer me up when I’m feeling crappy.

Visit Jeanette’s Photo Blog if you enjoy Modern photography. She is an incredible photographer, woman and mother who sees ordinary things through her extraordinary lens.

Fresh Eyes on London written by a daily photo-blogger, Mo, who is a woman just by the way and posts awesome pix of hip happenings in and places to visit around London.

Give Angels Mind a read too. Its a feel-good blog with some very interesting reading. I get a lot of voguish ideas from her. Thanx gurl!

Bridget is hysterical woman who writes some hilarious stuff about life in general. I love reading her Blog Because I Can when I need some merriment when I’m taking life too seriously.

Female2Female is a fairly new blog written collectively by an awesome group of women who write articles on any thing woman-related from sex and masturbation to parenting and men…girl’s stuff, you know…

His Boys Can Swim is a day-to-day diary of a new dad aka Tarzan and his wife, Jane who got famous when they Tweeted their entire birth online via #twitterbirth.

Check out this sweet little blog called 3 Little Flowers for original design ideas for stationery, invitations, etc. A very creative mum indeed!

Visit Laura’s Blog Harassed Mom for insightful posts about life, dating, relationships and being an awesome single mom.

A cute blog about sex, drama and intrigue called Spindrifting SouthAfrican SeaMonkey….NOT! Po is a totally uncool gal who is addicted to coffee, is a self-confessed nerd and loves doing hand stands.

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