Yours Truly has Been Recruited as a Personal Shopper

My older sister wants to re-vamp her style and go on a bit of a shopping spree and spend some of her hard-earned cash on clothes. 

She phoned me up this week and asked me to help me with choosing some new items that she wouldn't normally choose because she feels like she's stuck in a time-warp and needs a bit of "trendying" up.  I asked her if skirts and dresses are on the menu because I don't think I've seen my sister in a dress in about ten years!  I think she needs a bit of feminine glam in her life - not to say that I'm glam or feminine.  Hell No! You'd probably find me 99% of the time in jeans, cargo pants or shorts.  Its only over the past year that I've added some really nice frocks and skirts to my wardrobe..

Okay, wait.... "frocks" sounds soooo old fashioned and tired.  When I say the word "frock" out loud it actually makes me think of images of a sickly pale green crimpoline frock with seventies paisley pattern splashed all over the calf-length skirt. Blagh!  No! That ain't pretty at all.

The dresses I purchased to hang on my body are really are pretty nice and I wear them to work.  I feel so pretty and feminine when I wear them and everyone always comments on how different I look.  I thinkit's only coz I'm forever in pants.

I still stick to whats comfortable to me over the weekend.  Nothing glam about me at all...

I am flattered that my sister thinks I'm a snappy dresser but I choose things that suit my body type and I know what works for my short, plump body.  Classic stuff.  She and I are similar body types so I guess I'll be successful.  Just have to show her what I've learned over the years.

Some rules!

Don't go for the latest trendy fashions.  Go for things that work for you - specific shapes and styles.  Hell, I don't watch The Style Network for nothing...

Watch this space for Things-I-Bought-For-Janie pix.  Its gonna be nice spending someone else's cash and who knows, I might just find a couple of summer things for me too while I am at it.

I'm on standby for Saturday Shopping.  Whooohooo!!!

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