Sunday Sloths

We chilling out maxing and relaxing at home today, Riaan is draining our rather large and dirty swimming pool that hasn't been blue in two years!  We are finally getting rid of the pea-soup water and will acid wash it and re-coat it for summer so I can actually invite people to my house without being embarrased about my eye-sore of a pool. 
Kaylin in very busy with her mop and bucket cleaning out entertainment area.
Megan has just finished watching Ice Age 3 and is now sitting on the ege of the pool with her dad (his wee handy helper) assisting with the draining of the pool and asking 2001 questions.
I'm sitting at the bar on my laptop blogging as usual and enjoying the sunshine beaming into our entertainment area.  Its going to be so nice when everything is finished and we can have people over for jacuzzi parties and sit around the bar sipping wine, playing pool and swimming in our soon-to-be sparkling blue swimming pool.

Standby for Summer

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