Are you a Bloggoholic?

When I started this wee blog almost two years ago, I never thought that I would get this hooked. 

Look at me now....a total Blog Addict. 

I think and talk about my blog constantly to my family and friends.   I say things like "thats one for the blog" and I even talk about posts I've read and topics discussed to people who don't even know what a blog is?!   I need serious help, don't I?

My Blog has become my third child - my clumsy toddler in stinky training pants that I embrace in my arms and help it grow and develop.  Blogging feeds my mind and my soul. Its a never-ending source of information, thoughts, feelings, opinions and bloggers communicating with one another.

I love prowling other people's followers lists and finding interesting and original blogs to read and explore.  Picture this :  a humongous book with millions of pages and thousands of chapters that you will never complete in one life time.  How awesome is that?  A book that never fucking ends! 

You know that feeling you get when you are reading the last chapter of an engrossing, brilliant novel - a novel that you haven't been able to put down from the very beginning.  You can't wait to get to the last page.  You read the last chapter like lightening.  You scan over the words on the page faster and faster to find out how it will all end.  Then when you get to the final sentence and all is revealed, its like a such an has all ended. 

Its a bitter-sweet moment.  I always wish I could re-read the book without knowing what is going to happen. 

With blogging you don't have that feeling...its NEVER ends...(unless the information super-highway that we call the interwebs crashes and is no more) Like THAT is ever gonna happen?!?!

I love learning more and more about a person by following their blog and reading old posts. I love going back to their archives and seeing how they're blog has come about and how its has evolved. 

If you think about your own Blog and what you say in each post - its quite a personal thing.  Its like my blog's name - its  A Peek Into Our Lives...Perhaps is a secret voyeristic fettish I have.  Hmmmm will have to look into that one..

Blogging is my way of expressing myself and I'm sure most bloggers feel the same.... Its my very own wee Soap Box.  My platform to share my shit and swear if I wanna!  People's opinions facinate me - how they express themselves facinates me, what words they choose facinate me and social networking and communication in general facinate me.

Well Hi there, I'm A Daft Scots Lass and I'm a Blogohoic...

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