Richard's Birthday Burger Braai Bash

Yesterday we all got together at Mandy's for another Burger Braai to celebrate Richard's birthday which was on Wednesday (any excuse to have a get together). It was my turn to stay late and shake my booty on the dance floor and it was Riaan's turn to take the girls home early. 

Here's the madness of it all in pix...

It was poor Shaun turn to be on the receiving end of my teasing yesterday
and I pointed out how BIG his big toes are. 

Here are Shaun's BIG big toes...

Norman, Riaan and Percy
showing their full bellies after stuffing their faces with the burgers

Riaan's exploding chilli sauce

Kaylin tucking into her burger. 
and showing us how a burger should be enjoyed.

Percy chowing down

Norman eating a burger with his hands? 
A sight never to be seen again -
yes, can you believe he normally eats a burger with a knive and fork??

The kiddies having fun on the trampoline

Norman and Percy drinking coffee??  at one of OUR parties??
Another sight you will not see again.... 

Some of us tearing up the Dance floor

The Never-Ending BlowJob Shooters

The girls took over the bar (as usual)

Some more of the girls

Being Silly

Mel and Ellen

Shaun showing off his "He Man" skills. 
For some obscure reason he wanted everyone to take his photo doing these odd things last night. 
We obliged him and thought it was hysterical...why? must've been the continuous shooters and
copious amounts of blood in our alcohol stream.

Sam and Justin (our DJ for the evening)

Tam and Mel getting all hawt 'n heavy.
Crack is Whack, Mel!

Mandy and Tam - one of the "normal" pix

Mel and Tam going in for a bit of a nibble.

Mel not wanting to be out-done by Shaun, posing on the furniture.

Mel "gooing" a pose

Shaun wanting to be photographed again lying on yet another piece of furniture.

The girls posing for some "porno" shots. 
It wasn't long before all the guys appeared out of nowhere pointing their cameras taking similar shots of the girls posing.

More posing for the papparazzi

Shaun shows us how to bend his body into a banana

The Food

Tam and Don

Justin the wide-eyed DJ

Mandy with a doily on her head smokin' a HUGE cigar


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