Burger Braai at Mandy's

Yesterday Mandy invited all the women who used to work at Rich Products together for another reunion. She organised a burger braai by the pool and it was a beautiful sunny day. The girls even got their swimming costumes on and took a quick cool dip in the pool. I really didnt' want them to as they've both been ill but they asked so nicely and I knew they wouldn't stay in for very long because the water was like ice.
Kaylin paddled on the step for a while and Megan ventured under the water from one side to the other a few times before her lips started turning blue.
I didn't really feel like much in the party mood because of being ill this week so I left earlier than I normally would to come home with the girls...and get into bed early...


Mandy and Mickey

Norman and Shaun

Piet and Irene

Ria and Rassie

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