Freaky Friday - Episode Four - WTF?

My Freaky Friday's theme this week is :  WTF???

What the Fuck is happening in these pictures?  Freaks with a capital F!

Is that a Muppet wedged in there?

Piggie Midget with Vodka.  Why the fuck is there an axe stuffed down his pleather trousers?

Saggy Ass Geriatric Pyromaniac in a crash helmet and heels flees the scene...

Take your paartner by the limbs,
Suck on your juicy cucumbers,
Balance that block of lard on yer head,
in your wife's skirt and underwear?

Grubs Up!
Take a look at the size of this mutha-grubba!

With those googly eyes and inflated lips, this plonker is doing a pretty good impersonation of a gay FISH who's Stylin'.

And of course we can't leave out the plastic surgery freakazoids:

The most famous of them all
Miss Joscelyn (she was the Shizzle once)

*meow* with ink and piercings

Give us a Kiss with those Blow Job lips

Fugly Barbie Wannabee?

Tori's lopsided tit job.
Two crumpled-up socks in yer wonder bra would look better than this
and a lot cheaper than a fuckin' crappy LA Plastic Surgeon.

The Concave chest of the deflated Paula Abdul

Have a kick ass weekend!
That's All Fuckers!

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