Just waiting for my arsehole to fall out...

My dad was in a car accident on Monday morning (see previous post) and is in Port Shepstone hospital. Mum doesn’t drive and I’m more worried about her being on her own dealing with all of this. Her landline was out of order yesterday which made it even worse for her.  She felt so alone and isolated because she couldn't get to my dad.  Thankfully my dad's CT scan came back clear but they wanted to keep him because of his high blood pressure and his head injury.  Waiting to hear the outcome of the blood tests the paramedics took.

Secondly, I get a call yesterday from my Boerewors to say he’s been suspended pending an investigation and he has no idea what its all about. His job is on the line and he has no clue what its all about.   Labour lawyers here we come!

Thirdly, Megan is desperately unhappy at school and is acting out. The after-care teacher asked her what is wrong and she said she's bored.  I had to chat with her last night to try and find out whats up with her. She's battling to fit, I think. Because they don't understand she's always played with boys (Megan is a die-hard Tomboy) and finds it difficult to fit in with the girls. They don't know her that well yet to know these things and she's finding it difficult to make friends and find her space at school.  Its making her very unhappy.  She said she's too shy to make new friends.

Our home was flooded over the weekend again with all the rains, luckily a good friend, Percy, came over and fitted a circuit and bouy attached to a pump that kicks in and drains water when the level gets to a certain point.  Thank you Percy!

However, we're living in what looks like a squatter camp.  My lapa is a mess, the grass and garden is so saturated in rain water that I have to put my Wellies on and squelch through the mud to get to where the cars are parked.  Its a nightmare. 

I have not had a good few days…and a person can only handle so much.

Asking for positive karma and prayers (thats all)

Sorry I haven't been reading or comment on your blogs.

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