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Remember I told you about a week ago I was going to have a male Guest Blogger visiting us, to give us gals a male perspective on general stuff?  Well, I've decided to make a feature out of it as I've had a few positive responses on being a male guest on my wee blog.  Who would've known?

So, let me introduce to you Blase over at My Game..It's Your Move.  He's a southern boi from Raleigh, North Carolina, is extremely opinionated and incredibly witty and funny.  He loves his salt water aquarium,  music and spanking (but thats another animal altogether).  He has some warped points of view but never fails to entertain me and his followers almost daily with his original blog posts.  Blase, has a brilliant variety of followers and regularly blogs  "You Say, I Say" posts where he replies on his reader's comments and I look forward to these.

Get to know him better through this question and answer session I had with him.  Be sure to give his blog a visit too.

1.How long have you been blogging?

Since the last week in March of 09

2. Why did you start blogging?

I enjoy communicating, expressing my thoughts, and entertaining. I talked it over with SB, and she recommended that I pursue blogging believing that I would do well with it.

3. What do you blog about mostly?

I think you would have to ask my readers, because I sure as hell don't know. My Blog is like a Box of Chocolates...

4. Have you ever serenaded a girl?

Hold on, I need to grab my dictionary. OH, why of course! I once posted about the time I serenaded SB and a few dozen others during our Ocean Cruise back in 2000. I think it is called Karaoke?? Someone grabbed SB's camera and took one of her standing and applauding me while I performed. It wasn't long afterwards that I discovered that "serenading" peaked SB's sexual drive in a way that I will never forget. You are welcome to find it at my Blog and read about our post-serenade sexcapade.

5. What are your five non-negotiables in a woman?

No smoking. I don't kiss cigarette trays...
If you can't handle the truth, then shut the hell up with your questions
A woman that tends to forget who is wearing the penis in our relationship
Prone to complain. You know, she isn't satisfied until she says something negative in every damn situation
A woman that 'let's herself go'. Too much gaining of weight is being disrespectful of her man/husband. Please your man by taking care of your health/figure.

6. What song would you choose as the soundtrack of your life?

'I still haven't found what I'm looking for'. No, just kidding. 'Stuck in the middle with You', because much of my life I've felt like a Tampon trying to please everyone around me. Again, just kidding. Um..well.... how 'bout -'You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet', by BTO. I'm always trying to outdo some mutherfucker...

7. What is your favourite thing about your hometown where you stay and why?

Me and the wife live in a wealthy area (even though we lack wealth) which gives us easy access to most everything we need or want. We are about 3 hours drive from the Smokey Mountains/Blue Ridge Mountains, and about 2 hours from the Atlantic Coast. And, between where we live to anywhere we seems there are McDonalds EVERYWHERE! I love me some Big Macs!

8. What do you wish someone had told you before you got married?

Don't ever get married! Let's see....Actually I've had more than one elderly woman advise me that I should make it clear to my wife the way it's going to be, right from the 'get go'. I guess I was fortunate to have gotten some words of wisdom.

9. Do you think men really understand women or do they just "wing it" and pretend?

It's on an individual basis. You can't get one answer by categorizing. More men "understand" women better than they pretend. It is one thing to "understand", it is another to tolerate and accept. So, we 'understand' why women are complicated, but having what it takes to live with it, is another animal altogether.

10. What is the correct answer when your woman asks "Does my arse look fat in this?"

First of all, MY woman will already understands that if she asks me a question, she will receive an honest answer. Trying to figure out if I should tell the truth on THIS one, or lie about it.....well, I just don't have time for that shit. "Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies" is foreign to my vocabulary.

11.Do you think all women want is security, money, companionship and someone to nag?

It's not what I "think"'s a Fact! But, that doesn't mean that she must attain it. Your key-word was "want".

12. Do all men want self-sufficient, secure, confident women?

Again, this is one you can't categorize. So, no, I don't think "all" men want that. I'm one that does. But, even if she has all that, it doesn't mean that she will not lack in other areas. And, those traits will not guarantee that she will make a great wife/companion.

13. Do men always long for the bachelor life once they find themselves in a long-term committed relationship?

Some do, some don't. Despite what society wants you to believe about us men, all men are not at the same levels regarding the 'typical' traits in men. Having said the aforementioned, most any man will ponder the idea of "bachelorhood" if the woman gets out-of-hand with her insecurities and hissy-fits.

14. Dinner party for four ? who would the other 3 people be that you invite?

My wife and any two other women that have that 'look' in their eyes. I've always wanted a foursome! Dinner, I'm referring to DINNER.

15. What is your favourite quote?

"Things are not always what they appear to be".
This quote prevents one from coming to judgment too quickly.

Thanks and again for participating, Blase!

Stay tuned for another "Monday Male" and a look through another man's eyes next week.

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