55 Flash Fiction Friday - Episode 6 - Flog Yo Blog

Join me in playing this writing game with hundreds of other bloggers including G-Man on Fridays, called 55 Fiction Fridays, or 55 Fridays.

The idea is to write a complete story in only 55 words.

So, get your pen poised and either write a 55 word story on your own blog, or you can post it in my comments below. Its all good.

I counted from one to ten

I clasped my hands together, closed my eyes and prayed

I locked myself in the bathroom

I hid out where no one could find me

I wished to be invisible

projected to blend in

But I'm very close to giving up

don't make me have to fuck shit up

Mummy Time - Flog Yo Blog Friday is about passing it forward.  Go check it out.  Happy Friday!


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