Refound Love of Heels

Many years ago BK (before kids) I wore an array of heels which I have either given away or they disintigrated in my cupboard by collecting dust.

  Lately I have found my love for heels again and I'm becoming quite obsessed about it.  I love surfing for new styles and am really enjoying the designer sites too (not that I'll ever be able to afford a designer pair) but I can admire and boy do I.  

My favourite pair of Jimmy Choo collection

Love this Flower Shoe by Prada

Love this two-tone pair of heels
This pair of Aldo's rocks my world!

Recently I bought this black pair of sandals....and I love them!

My beautiful purple peep-to heels which is love!

Stunning Christian Louboutin's lizard skin platform sandals *drool*


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