World Cup Kick Off Game : South Africa vs Mexico

Bafana Bafana drew 1-1 with Mexico. Hell, its still one point! What a great game...

We were not planning on having a party but we knew someone would pop over at some point to say hi (thats just what happens at our house).  My best friend Mandy and her hubby Percy and his daughter Melanie came by.  Even Chris popped in to blow his vuvuzela and have a beer wtih the guys.

There was LOTS of vuvuzela blowing, lots of shouting at the telly, snacks, pizza, booze, lots of dancing and pool was a great celebration!!

Some of the snaps. (more on FB)

Me blowing the vuvuzela

Megan blowing her vuvuzela

My Boerewors with his modified Vuvuzela...Blow, baby Blow!

BFF - Mandy and Gillian

Melanie who put on our SA flag transfers and face paint

Some WAKA WAKA dancing

I think I got dipped here...

BFF - lemmie lick your neck, Mands

Kayling dancnig and blowing her whistle

Megan and Percy playing pool

Riaan and Percy sharing a moment

Megan and Mandy - mwah!

Mandy didn't completely forget about the Mexicans. 
She wore a Sambrero for about 30 seconds.
Ariba Ariba!


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