Flash Fiction Frdiay 55 and Other Arb Shite

The G-Man hosts Flash Fiction Friday 55.  Go visit him and give him some love and join hundreds of other bloggers playing the writing game. Write a complete story in only 55 words…

Scary and Creepy
Chilling and Bloodcurdling
Children stalk the neighborhood
Concealed behind masks and home-made Halloween costumes
Sniffing out the households with the best candy
Giggling, chuckling and playing practical jokes
Straining  to bite the dangling treacle scone  hands-free
and Bobbing for apples
Respect the dead and leave the Ouija board alone
Or else…bwaaaaahaaaaaah

Yay! Its Fawk You Friday hosted by Boobies

Let rip...

Fuck You to the South Africa electrical thunder and lightning storms that keep my sobbing children clinging to me like wee leeches when the forked lighning shoots across the sky and the cloud bang together.  My poor wee buttons are terrified and then my bed has to be shared.  Four bodies in a double bed is not a laughing matter...

Fuck you to my brand new expensive mascara that I can't fucking wear because it causes my eyes to burn like all hell shite fire, itch like an Arab's sand mite-infested crotch and ooze attractive yellow puss.  So much for expensive is the best. Humph!

Fuck you to my bastard shit-face laptop that kept crashing this week and giving me fucking weird html errors on my blog.  Geezo, I tried over a dozen times to get my Bloggers Ink Challenge posted - and on top of that - I still managed to royally fuck it up.   My poor Boerewors had to spend hours reloading everything just so that I could make Half-Nekkid Thursday aka HNT in time.  So a huge THANK YOU to My Boerewors for making it happen and having the patience to put up with my constant slamming of the keyboard (sometimes it does work - most times it doesn't).

Fuck you to conspiracy theories...there are many things bubbling under the surface at the moment.  All to be revealed soon (if I'm not bound by a Confidentiality Agreement, that is)  

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