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Write a complete story in only 55 words. Its easier said that done.


Don’t spend your precious time asking “What is happening to the world and why isn’t it a better place?”.  It’s only be time wasted.  The question to ask is: “How I can I make it better?”  To that there are plenty answers.  It sometimes takes minimal effort to make a huge impact on someone else.

Yay! Its Fawk You Friday hosted by Boobies

Ready! Steady! Vent!

I had ONE BIG thing that I want to vent about this week that I can't really vent about on my blog.  Yeah, I know I always say never censor yerself but this is about work and I don't really wanna splash things about work all over the interwebs and get fired for it.  I do enjoy my work, its just circumstances that I'm PISSED OFF about.  Its been a very emotional week at work and some major changes taking place...So, I'm taking the easy way out and just making a general Fuck You to that in general.

Fuck You to that freakazoid Lady Gaga who recently wore a dress made out of fucking sirloin steaks to the MTV Music Awards.  God, she's so fucking twisted you just can't look away.  Don't worry Vegans its FAKE!  But still only the Gaga would wear this in public, hell, only Gaga would wear this at ALL!

Lady Gaga meats MTV 

Fuck you to the fucking retarded Nicole Kidman who was once really pretty, actually quite the gorgeous gal around Hollywood.  Now that skank has had so much plastic surgery you could cut her waif frame with a knife.  She's gone from strikingly stunning to uglier than a bag full of fucking hairy arseholes!  Stoopid bitch.

Finally, a big Fawk You to My Boerewors who, more often than not, makes ME sleep in the wet spot.  I'll get you back...be on the look out for revenge...

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