Do Bloggers Get Ink'd?

Its the Blogger Tattoo Challenge.

Most of you know I love tats.  There is nothing sexier than a well designed, well placed ink on yer body.  I have five tats now and love all of them.  They all mean something special to me. 

So do Bloggers get ink'd?  Show me yours!

Its a challenge, email me your rockin' tattoos and a wee bit about why you got it and where it is (because some pictures are a little vague)

I'll then compile a post presenting of all of my Bloggy friends' ink on my blog.  Just know, there will be voting involved and a PRIZE.  Oh I know, you Fuckers love prizes.

You can remain anonnomous if you wish, I know some of you have some really "intimate" places that are ink'd.

Go for it!!!

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