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So my lovelies...

...Last week I asked my awesome fellow Bloggers to send me pictures and stories about their tattoos so I could make a post about it.  I was surprised to get so many emails and pictures.   Thank you to all of you who shared your ink with us.

I love tattoos and I love the stories behind them as most people that get ink'd, have thought long and hard about where and why.

Take a look at the Blogger's ink below and then head on to my side bar poll and VOTE for the one you love the best!  Remember fuckwads, its not just about the tattoo's design and its unique awesomeness - its about the meaning behind the ink too! 

I'll announce the Blogger Ink Challenge Winner next week
(the html on this post has been a fucking nightmare!)

Here are are the Awesome Ink'd Bloggers in the running :

1 - Angel
has a few tattoos and has a specific story for each one of them.   "I love dragons"
2 - Another dragon. 
"I just needed it that day"

3 - Damien
An angel's gotta have wings, right? "I switched it up by including my son's name in a scroll in the middle". 

4 - "The Cupcake Lady"

5 - ADHD Awareness Ribbon
"A huge part of my life"
6 - "Strawbreez" 
This was my son's nickname when he was little"

7 - Pinky and The Geek
"Last year coming out of a broken and destructive marriage was very very hard.
I could not have done it without my Guardian Angels.
I have some amazing people in my life who helped me through and always look out for me".

8 -  "My sons name in binary code around my wrist"

9 - "A tribute to my parents. 
My mom is a artist and my dad is a photographer".

10 -  Dazee Dreamer
"July of this year I got one for my husband. It is on my right leg towards the ankle. She even added his initials at the bottom in lower case. If you didn't know they were his initials you can't even tell. I love this tattoo".

11 - Dazee Dreamer
"One month ago I got my last one. (until I have another grandbaby) It is of 2 baby tigers with the one comforting the other. I got them in purple because it is my favorite color. I got this one because I feel like a protector. It is on my left arm up by the shoulder".

12 - Dazee Dreamer "My second tattoo is 3 butterflies for each of my kids. I let them pick out the butterfly they wanted and the color they wanted it. The red one is my daughter and the blue and green are my sons. They are on my right leg upper calf.

13 - Akelamalu "Mine's an orchid on my right shoulder and I had it done just before my 40th birthday. I'd always wanted a tatt but couldn't pluck up the courage until then. I persuaded my friend to have one too. The guy who did all David Beckham's tatts did mine - now you can't get an appointment with him unless you're loaded!"

14 was removed as it was a duplicate of No. 10 (don't worry if you've voted for 14, I will count no. 10 and no. 14 together)

15 - "The first on I got was just the flower vine.
About 6 months later added 4 little butterflies. One butterfly for each grandchild I have. (with room to add more) They are on my left leg upper calf".

16 - EnVii
 "A sleeping baby , my daughters name and the day she passed away.. it represents her always being with me"

17 - EnVii. My sons name and his foot prints at birth

18 - Mom In Training - I designed it and got it done while visiting Texas about 5 years ago
19 - Azzazin - The first one is on my right arm. On the inside there's an "O" in runes. O for Odin off course and on the outside, not visible in this picture is my initials also in runes. The "A" stands for knowledge, communication and wisdom and the "E" for eternity, yew and death.

20 - Multinational Maniac
The second one is on the back of my neck, it's Eris's apple of discord and means the world to me as Eris is my favourite goddess! . Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos and discord and on the apple it says "Kallisti" in Greek, which means "For the fairest".
21 - SAHMadness
"The first one is of my wings while I was pregnant (I didnt GET the tatt while pregnant, just of my tatt when I was preggers).  The second pic is of my 42 tattoo, because I'm a big fan of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"
22 - Steven "I have 6 tats. I have 4 kids and I have a swallow bird for each other them tatted on me. It means family, and freedom to me. I always have them with me".

23 - Ange - a picutre drawn by her boys which she turned into a tattoo on her foot.  Genius!
24 - AmyLK
"The one that says Jakes is my nickname for my son and the little butterfly on the J represents my mom guarding him from heaven.  This one is on my left shoulder as close to my heart as I could get it without, well you know putting it on my boob.
25 - AmyLK
"My right calf and is a replica of a magnet I found in Hawaii.  This reminds me of Hawaii and my hopes of getting back there.  SOON!"

26 - Dust Bunny in the Wind
"This is my dragon that's on my thigh. He's my shield".
(If you want to vote for 26 or 27 leave a comment below. 
Unfortunately I cannot edit the poll to add these two late entries, as votes have already been cast and I don't wanna loose those ones).
27 - Muffin Monster
"There's not a big story behind it, I wanted a rose. Originally I wanted it on my stomach but I was convinced it wouldn't look so nice if I had kids. So I wanted the rose, and then picked out some trible bitties from some flash, because that's what everyone had. Except everyone else got Butterflies usually. Then I said I wasn't sure I wanted it on my lower back, I said I wanted it somewhere else and was almost convinced by someone to get it across my shoulders but luckily the tattooist said that would be stupid".


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