The Royal Wedding Photos

I sat in my armchair all day, glued to BBC Knowledge on telly watching the Royal Pomp and Ceremony.  I followed the #royalwedding on Twitter all day, tweeting at the same time. It was brilliant!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I got all sorts of skeef looks from The Boerewors for being such a Royal Geek.  He doesn't understand!  I surrounded myself in royal history and high fat snacks.  Oh I know I'm terrible. 

Kate's Gown by Sarah Burton had a very Grace Kelly feel to it covered in French Lace.  She looked breath-taking.

Princess Beatrice and Eugiene.  What was Bea thinking?

Kate and Pippa

Her Carriage awaits!
Kate in the RR with her Daddy
Putting in Ring on It

The Flower Girls and Paige Boys
Prince and Princess of Cambridge in the 1902 carriage waving through the crowds.

The Queen and the Bishop

Prince Willy and Prince Harry
Twitpic From the Crowd

The Happy Couple

James Middleton (Kate's brother) who did the reading
I guess this is not the shot The Queen has on the mantlepiece.


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