2011 Europe launched the Nissan X-Trail

Nissan Europe launched the Nissan X-Trail SUV in September 2011. X-Trail 2011 slide in Europe would have been the same as the revised version of the JDM (Japan Domestic Market), which was released in July.

Nissan said the changes in the last X-Trail are the exteriors and interiors as well as some of the features. Nissan has also promised to improve the aerodynamic and mechanical systems.

For the images were published on the Internet reveals that the X-Trail 2011, using a newly designed grille and headlight design and front and rear bumpers are cooler. While the rear lights feature LED will also be added.

Nissan said total length of the X-Trail 2010 increased by 10 mm front bumper design changes. In addition, the height is increased by 10 mm later with a wheel diameter of 17 and 18 inches. Although the value of the reduced aerodynamic 0.35 CD 0.36 CD.

In the internal improvements made by installing better quality materials. This is reflected in the steering wheel, gear lever, armrest and door trim bench glove gloves.

In addition, dashboards, including computer monitors, also reviewed. With the improvement in the front seat, Nissan says, the distance from the rear passenger knee Longar is now 10 mm.

Despite the published images of the X-Trail 2011, but Nissan has not said about andaannya SUV sales price. Nissan will unveil the new prices before its release later.

With the addition of the new "20GT" 6-speed automatic transmission (with manual shift mode) model, Nissan now offers a model of Clean Diesel Advanced is able to provide both better services and respect the environment. The X-TRAIL "20GT" is driven by the 2-liter "M9R" clean diesel engine that generates the low speed range, a level of torque can be compared to a gasoline engine 3.5-liter V6.

In fiscal 2010, Nissan will present a two-pillar strategy to reduce CO2 emissions, "emissions" and the Pure Drive. PURE Drive vehicles are designed to provide a high level of fuel economy in class, the models produced in series, giving them as the next generation of eco-technology, including a stop of inactivity, clean diesel and hybrids. "20GB" is another series of vehicles PURE Drive for use in Japan.

models X-TRAIL fuel engine equipped, Nissan now offers the qualities that meet the tax relief measures Series 3 in Japan's "tax system to facilitate the diffusion of environmentally friendly cars," and thus entitled to 75% reduction in car tax and car tax burden. Meanwhile, clean diesel "20GT" model are totally exempt from vehicle tax and tax on vehicle weight under the tax system.

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