The Porsche Carrera GT Review

The Porsche Carrera GT is one of the fastest cars on the market for motor sport and is one of my sports car. The Porsche Carrera GT is basically one of very few cars that need an input power and style, all that the car has to offer is exceptional and has set a high standard of the industry dramatically. The Carrera GT has a V10 engine with a displacement of 5733cc engine capacity. The V10 petrol engine under the hood of the car generates an output of 605bhp at 8000rpm nominal and maximum torque of 590nm at 5750rpm nominal.

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the term "sports car" is a slim and compact car running with great speed and put the streets on fire. With the specifications of the engine over the pace and setting the streets on fire is very clear, while the dimensions 4358 mm x 1814 mm x 1101 mm (W x D x H) it is quite clear that the car the car has a slim body and will have a smooth aerodynamic shape.

Interior Porsche Carrera GT is equipped with soft leather. There is also a wide range of accessories, including navigation system and Bose sound system. Turning on the machine is on the left side, power steering, like all Porsches, and this investment comes from the epidemic in the early days of the race at Le Mans than at the time, drivers were invited to sample rate, jump in the car in motion car and start racing. Release button on the left helped to start the car and then move the gear with your right hand.

After years of speculation and anticipation over the arrival of the United States of the Porsche Carrera GT and 911 GT3, the wait is over. Like waiting for the Nissan 350Z convertible. This year, the U.S. is all three.

Set to be unveiled in March at the Geneva International Motor Show, the Carrera GT supercar will hit U.S. showrooms in late 2003, priced around $ 350,000. Fortunately, we can not wait that long (or so expensive!) For 911 GT3, which arrives in showrooms in May, priced at $ 99,900. For those with a frugal budget, Nissan 350Z Roadster - should be unveiled at the Auto Show in New York in April - will need about $ 35,000 and will go on sale this summer. For details, see below.

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