Karimun Java - Swimming With Sharks

Karimun Java - Swimming With Sharks
Hmm, who do not recognize the animal species of mammal on this one. Ferocity, no doubt. Sharp teeth, of course, could easily rip their prey immediately, not to mention humans. So no wonder if the shark is the most feared marine animals.

Well, on the island of Karimun, Jepara, Central Java, there is a location where we can actually chat with white sharks (Carcharodon carsharias) without worrying.

"Just do not hold the tail. If held, yes iso bite. If arep ngelus holding his head just enough. Do not bite it, "said Karso, one boat crew who became our guide while visiting one of floating houses on the island of Menjangan Besar, Karimun National Park, Java, Jepara, Sunday (29 / 6) yesterday.

In the floating house as well as a place of lodging of the tourists here, dozens of sharks measuring between 1 to 1.5 meters maintained. By the owner, the shark became a kind of entertainment for tourists who stay in these floating houses. Later, as the interest of tourists visiting these locations, the manager invited houseboat tourists who want to try the adrenaline swim with sharks collection.

For an entrance fee, the manager did not set the ticket cost. "Typically, entry fees for one party only Rp 20,000," said Karso.

Cheap is not it?! Moreover, these rates include rental snorkeling equipment, such as Goggle, snorkle, and fins.

Lisa, one student from the Netherlands who are following an exchange student in Yogyakarta, admitted that initially she was scared of sharks swimming in the pool size of approximately 9 mx 9 m it. "At first I was scared, but this is an amazing experience, why do not I try it," he said in English accent.

This sensation, which also provoked me to test your nerve. At first it rada excited, but after learning that the owner enough to feed to them and convince me that the sharks were benign, I was finally nyemplung into a pool which contains about nine shark.

There are two pool shark at the floating house built since 18 years ago. The first pond, measuring about 3m x 7m, located right in front of the house that leads to the high seas. In this pool, tourists were not allowed to swim. Given, in addition inhabited but also there are white shark barracuda fish that are categorized as malignant.

According to Is (53), manager of the houseboat, there are about a dozen different kinds of fish. However, that pretty much is the white shark and barracuda with a variety of sizes. "Sharks are the most big size 50 kg. All of the children. Their parent is dead. At first there were four. Three dead, one was brought to Ancol, "said Is, who has worked at the homestead of Mr. James for 20 years.

According to Is, the fish are the catch of the fishermen and then maintained as a decoy for the guests who came to the homestead.

Guests or visitors who arrived at the homestead, only allowed to swim in the pool is located next to the left homeless. In addition there are sharks in the pool is also a tortoise is large enough. Is, do not know the details of his age, but the tortoise was already there in the house since 5 years ago.

In addition to the Is-run guesthouse, a pool shark in the guesthouse there are also floating Karimun Jaya, belonging to (late) Ismarjoko. On this floating guesthouse, there are several types of sharks of various sizes.

According Diah, one of the managers at the homestead, that sharks are classified as malignant. However by giving adequate and regular food, the fish will not attack those who want to swim in the pool shark found in the homestead. "Ad's also a daring swim. Nothing really. Kan has been given adequate and regular meals. Usually when you're sated they still benign-benign aja. Just do not hurt right down to the pond, "he said.

"Usually those Caucasians who dare to swim here," he added.

Not difficult to reach the floating guesthouse on the island of Menjangan Besar. From the fishing harbor in the village Karimunjawa just take the time not more than ten minutes by chartered boats belonging to fishermen, at a rate ranging between Rp 250,000 to Rp 300,000 for a full day's rental.

Karimun Java archipelago consists of 27 small islands located in the Java Sea. The location is about 83 km north of Jepara. Of the 27 islands, only five inhabited islands, namely Pulau Karimun, Kemujan, Parang, Mosquitoes, and Genting.

In addition to offering sensation mingle with sharks, the area of ​​white sand beach that lies a small deer island main attraction. This location can also be used as an area of ​​sea water therapy.

There are two alternative sea transportation routes that could be used to Karimun, namely by using the KMP Muria from the Port of Kartini of Jepara or speed boat from the port Karimun Tanjung Mas Semarang. But this one is transportation, since a month ago, in a damaged condition and was repaired. This is what causes the spike in passengers in KMP Moria for the past month. Within a week, there are two times schedule from Jepara to Karimun, namely Wednesday and Saturday.

Well, if you have the opportunity to visit Karimun, it's worth trying to challenge that can test your adrenaline. Guaranteed will be an unforgettable experience.


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