Mount Kerinci Jambi

Mount Kerinci Jambi
A. Overview

Mount Kerinci with a height of 3805 m above sea level (asl), is the highest volcano in Indonesia. Mount has a cone-shaped crater with the upper wall-sized 600 x 580 meters and 120 x 100 meters to the bottom wall. The crater is filled with water colored yellowish green.

Mount Kerinci are on the line 10 ° 45.50 'south latitude and 160 ° 1010' east longitude. That stretches between the two districts in Jambi province, namely Kerinci Regency and Regency Running Sulak.

B. Feature

In the area of ​​Mount Kerinci, there are several types of forests growing along the slopes. The forest types is Hill dipterocarp forest, dipterocarp Upper Montane Forest and Forest Ericaceous or Mount Forest. Hill dipterocarp forest located at an altitude of 300-750 meters above sea level with the main species, such as Principal Seraya, Keruing Main, Main and Main Meranti Damar Oil. Upper dipterocarp KawasanHutan located at an altitude of 750 to 1.200 meters above sea level, mostly in the form of simple species, such as Principal Mempening, Principal chestnut, Principal Damar Oil, and Principal Podo. At a somewhat higher slopes there Montane Forest at an altitude of 1.200 to 1.500 meters above sea level or contained in Bukit Fraser and Cameron Highland. In this type of forest grows many points Tyre leaf conifers such as Basic Pain, Sprus and Gelam Mt. In this forest there are also Rafflesia flowers, pot Apes and Principal Rhododendron. With lower temperature and wind is much faster to make a tree that grows in the forest with an average height between 1.5 meters to 18 meters. Last is Ericaceous or Forest Mount Forest at an altitude above 1.500 meters above sea level. This forest has the major species, such as brown Principal, Principal pot Apes, various types of shrubs, reeds, resam, nail-ferns and moss.

After passing through the forest and reached the peak of the mountain at an altitude of 3805 m above sea level, the tourists can witness the amazing views that love to pass up. The tourists can see into all corners of the wind direction to see the panoramic view of Mount Kerinci with a vast expanse of forest, the verdant tea plantations that merged into a single unit in the symphony of natural beauty of Mount Kerinci.

C. Location

Mount Kerinci is located in the Kerinci regency, Jambi province, Indonesia.

D. Ticket

In the process of confirmation.

E. Access

Location can be reached by landline with two alternatives: first, the journey begins from Jambi City to the River Overflowing with a distance of about 500 km, with about 10 hours of travel time using public transportation, car rental or private car.

Secondly, the trip can be started from the city of Padang to Tapan then proceed to the river Filled with 278 km distance. The time it takes about 7 hours by using public transportation, car rental or private car.

F. Accommodation and Facilities

There are currently no star class hotel in the Kerinci regency until recently, but the tourists do not need to worry because the Full River City (the capital of the Kerinci regency), there are many Budget class hotel with a fairly cheap rates starting from USD. 50000.00-USD .100.000,00 per night per room (February 2008). For the business of eating and drinking, it was not fitting that during the Kerinci Payo not try to eat rice, fish curry Semah, Dendeng Beteko, Nuts Tojin, Lemang and Citrus Pelompek, or drinking coffee and tea Kayu Aro Kerinci.

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