Long Beach Bengkulu indonesia

Long Beach Bengkulu indonesia
A. Overview

Long Beach is a coastal tourist attraction which is quite famous in the province of Bengkulu, in addition to Tread Padri Beach, White Sand Beach, and Beach Humo. Why is Long Beach? Due to a long coastline, which is about 7 km. In addition, the distance between pairs of lines and lines too long reflux, when compared to other beaches, which is about 500 m. This is because it does not have a coral beach. So, when there is high tide, water coverage can be increased further.

B. Feature

The condition of a sloping beach, the water is clean, as well as a wide expanse of white sand, is the main attraction of Long Beach attractions. With conditions like the beach, visitors can bathe as much as she enjoyed a beach breeze is still clean and cool because the beach is far from industrial areas.

In addition, many pine trees that grew around this beach is also a uniqueness that may not be owned by the other beaches. Because, in general, a tree that usually grows in coastal areas is a coconut tree, and is not found in Long Beach.

Long Beach Bengkulu indonesia

C. Location

Administratively, Long Beach is located in the Municipality of Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia.

D. Ticket Prices

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E. Access

Its location is only about 3 km from the center of Bengkulu City of Long Beach makes it easy to access. Many public transport leading to the beach. From the city of Bengkulu, visitors can use the minibus, taxi, or rental car to reach the beach location.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

In the vicinity of the beach, visitors can find accommodation facilities and complete facilities, among them a large parking area, hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, cottages, mini market, stalls selling mobile phone vouchers, cendramata stalls, etc. .

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