Mount Pesagi lampung

Mount Pesagi lampung
A. Overview

The peak of Mount Pesagi so amazing, the height of this mountain to reach 2200 meters above sea level. The beauty and originality of nature in the vicinity of Mount Pesagi still awake, this is a special attraction. From the top of this mountain, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the area of ​​West Lampung, Lake Ranau, residential communities OKU, Krui seas, and leatherback sea.
B. Feature

Pesagi Peak has a challenging route. In the area through which there are many plants that attract such a diverse species of orchids and other animals from birds to beasts. Anyone passing through this region are prohibited for taking and picking flowers, let alone hunting animals. All visitors must protect the environment, should not be littering.

That said, there Pesagi atop seven wells, one of whom sometimes issued smell like perfume. Not everyone can get water from the well. According to residents, only the climbers who "intend net" that could have it. Climbers are not environmentally friendly or do not have good intentions, will not get water from the well.

C. Location

Mount Pesagi lampung

Pesagi peak found in areas pekon (village) tip, District Belalau, West Lampung regency.
D. Access

To reach the peak Pesagi, there are two routes that can be taken, namely: the first alternative, visitors walk from pekon Bahway, ending at pekon tip. This path requires the normal travel time of 12 hours to go-go home by foot.

The second alternative, visitors walk begins and ends from pekon tip. Left sails through the same as the first alternative, no different from Bahway-pekon tip, are both 12 hours in normal weather conditions. If the rainy season, the distance of more than 12 hours by foot.


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