Seblat Elephant Training Center North Bengkulu

Seblat Elephant Training Center North Bengkulu
A. Overview

Elephant Training Center (ETC) Seblat is a location that is used to train and assist the process of proliferation of wild Sumatran elephants (Elephas maximus sumatrensis) found in Bengkulu Province. The place that became one tourist destination in Bengkulu Province was established in October 1992 by Minister of Forestry Decree No. 658/Kpts-ll/1995 December 8, 1995, a total of approximately 6800 hectares, and is part of the Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS). Aside from being a conservation area for about 200 wild Sumatran elephants, PLG Seblat is also the habitat for some rare flora and fauna typical of the island of Sumatra.

B. Feature

In the area of ​​Elephant Training Center (ETC) Seblat visitors will be treated with various types of elephants are quite stunning attractions. In the hands of the coaches that have been experienced, the elephants that had been transformed into wild animals tame and intelligent man who could understand the instructions. For visitors who first visited this region, will surely be amazed to see the elephants were able to do the attractions such as carrying humans, disco, draping flowers, carrying the flag, guess the number / letter, playing football, marching, elephant dating (male elephant carrying an umbrella and hugged a female elephant), and others.

Not to lose feeling in awe of attraction the elephants in this area, visitors will be amazed again when looking at other features of this conservation area. Because, in the PLG Seblat also contained rare flora and fauna are protected by the government. Besides flower Rafflesia (rafflessia arnoldi), visitors will find rare animals such as tapirs, deer, Sumatran rhinoceros, Sumatran tiger stripe, gold cat, goat forests, various types of snakes, gibbons, hoops, short-tailed monkey, various species of birds (hornbills , parrots, pergam), partridge, eagles, and others. Perhaps, in this area several times found traces of a short man, but to ensure that needed further research.

C. Location

Elephant Training Center (ETC) located in District Seblat Princess Green, North Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia.

D. Ticket Prices

Admission price set by the manager of a tourist area PLG Seblat indeed quite expensive, the Rp 35,000 per person (June 2008). However, the cost of entry is likely comparable with the various features offered by this tourist area.

E. Access

Access to the area PLG Seblat not too difficult. From the city of Bengkulu, visitors can glide in the direction of Air Muring, using either private vehicles or public transportation (buses), with the distance about 150 km. Having arrived at Air Muring, there are 3 paths to choose from to reach the region PLG Seblat, namely:

1. Through PT. Agricinal with the distance about 20 km, or take about 1 hour.
2. Through Seblat (next to Princess Green District Office) Block C, Like New, PLG Seblat, with the distance about 15 km.
3. Through Water Muring, Like Long, Like New, PLG Seblat, with the distance about 17 km.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Along the road from the direction toward the PLG Seblat Bengkulu, visitors can see the facilities and accommodation facilities such as restaurants, lodging houses, Fuel Filling Facility General (Gas Station), places of worship (mosques and churches), the stalls of handicrafts made of rattan , agate craft stalls, and others. The PLG Seblat own in the area, visitors will find several facilities, such as offices, guest house, information centers, shelters, toilets, watchtower, and others.

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