Waterfall Telun Berasap Jambi

Waterfall Telun Berasap Jambi
A. Overview

Smoky Telun Waterfall is a natural attractions in the Kerinci regency, Jambi Province. Waterfalls are sourced from rivers that disgorge the Seven Mountain Lake which flows through a steep cliff with a height of about 50 m. People call this Jambi Waterfall Telun Berasap due to the large flow of water coming down, giving rise to "mist of water" around it.

Behind the Waterfall Telun Smoky, there is a cave. Local people do not dare enter the cave because the terrain is so difficult to pass. Waterfalls are very heavy with a steep rock, causing the cave has never visited the community and the tourists who visit the tourist attraction Telun Berasap Waterfall.

B. Feature

Waterfalls Telun Barasap overlooking the beautiful, with a heavy flow of water to form a soft splash of the water like a white smoke or also known as water mist. Grains of water vapor formed from the mist beautiful water color when illuminated by sunlight reflected glow of multicolored light.

C. Location

This waterfall is located in the village of Telun Smoky, District Kayu Aro, Kerinci regency, Jambi province, Indonesia.

D. Access

Location can be reached by land with three alternatives. First, the journey begins from Jambi City to the River Overflowing with a distance of about 500 km, while the latency for about 10 hours using public transportation, car rental or private car.

Secondly, the trip can be started from the city of Padang to Tapan then proceed to the river Filled with 278 km distance. Travel time taken for about 7 hours by using public transportation, car rental or private car.

Third, the trip started from Padang to Muaralabuh, then the trip continued to Kersik Tuo. The distance from the city of Padang to a location about 211 km and can be reached within about 5-6 hours using public transportation, car rental or private car.

E. Ticket

In the process of confirmation.

F. Accommodation

Full River in the city (the capital of the Kerinci regency), there are a lot of jasmine-class hotel with rates starting from Rp. 15000.00-USD .100.000,00 (February 2008). The hotels are quite comfortable as a place to stay with good service. For the business of eating and drinking, it was not fitting that during the Kerinci Payo not try to eat rice, fish curry Semah, Dendeng Beteko, Nuts Tojin, Lemang and Citrus Pelompek, or drinking coffee and tea Kayu Aro Kerinci.

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