5 ways of Safe Smoking - Tips to Smoke and still Stay Healthy

Tips to Smoke and still Stay Healthy
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Following are the 5 ways of smoking safely.

1. Smoke filter cigarette- Filter cigarettes use a filter at the end, which people put in the mouth. This filter reduces the nicotine going into your lungs. The nicotine is the main problem-causing factor. So, when you use filter cigarettes, you are reducing the risk. So, this way you can be little safe while smoking. The cost of the filter cigarette is little more but it should not deter you from smoking a filter cigarette. Next time you go to buy a cigarette, buy one with the filter.

2. Go for good brands- Good brands use better quality tobacco and filters. So go for a good brand. Cheap brands may be the cause for more damages. A good brand will have some protection against nicotine. So always buy a good brand of cigarette or cigar. This is a effective way of smoking safely.

3. Avoid Chain Smoking- A chain smoker has more and more risk of problems. So to be safe, do not become a chain smoker. Chain smokers smoke one cigarette after another. This hampers their lungs badly as the nicotine gets supplied to the lungs continuously. Avoid chain smoking. Try yourself. Ask your friends and family members to help you in getting rid of this habit.

4. A cup of coffee is Good –The habit of a cup of coffee after smoking falls under one of the 5 ways of smoking safely. When you smoke, try to have a cup of coffee just after smoking. Coffee contains caffeine, which can prevent nicotine from causing damage to your body. It cuts on nicotine, and so is necessary for you. Make a habit of using a cup of coffee every time you smoke. Generally any coffee will do, but a hot coffee will be better. Black coffee is also good for you after a cigarette.

5. Reduce the number of cigarettes – Reduce your number of cigarette a day. This will be another effective way to smoke safely. Lesser number of cigarettes means lesser problem. Try to reduce your cigarette use to a minimum. Take help from your friends and other family members. Try yourself to reduce the number of cigarettes. It needs some time, but you can reduce the number. BE patient and determine to reduce it.

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