Ferrari Scuderia Review

Here's a surprise: The new version developed on high-performance will not be called F430 Challenge Stradale like many thought, but will be known as the Scuderia, Italian stable. It is stable as a house for a powerful prancing horse, not as a mindset that continues to evade Lindsay Lohan.

The rest of the car is what you expect from a fancier version of Ferrari. The engineers concentrated on reducing the weight and increase the flow of the standard F430. The Scuderia weighs 2755 pounds - a savings of 220 pounds - while producing an additional 27 horsepower over the F430 for a total of 510 ponies. This amounts to a power to weight ratio of an output of 5.4 kg. Bravissimo!

Ferrari has not forgotten the rest of the car, the engineering team's latest F1 program of the company. An update brings the transmission shift up to 60 milliseconds fast as lightning, while the traction and stability also receive a race-inspired update.

All these developments will undoubtedly be a heavy premium, probably around $ 220,000. We know more when the Scuderia unveiled by Michael Schumacher himself at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn. In the meantime, check out our gallery below.

Ferrari is synonymous with speed, and the release of this year to two-door convertible Scuderia Spider 16M hit stunt racing festival to win its sixteenth consecutive Formula One title in 2008. 510 hp DOHC V-8 engine driver gallop 62 kmh in 3.7 seconds left, and continues to run, and a top speed of 195 km / h. The current four-wheel drive mid-engined monster sits on 19-inch wheels to guide the way in which the heart and soul of the world champion in F1.

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