2011 Mitsubishi ASX Review

Mitsubishi ASX is the European version of the car specification of the Japanese firm Mitsubishi RVR, which were sold in Japan starting in February 2010.

MMC new compact crossover will seat 5 and successively introduced in European countries from the spring, in late 2010, which aims to expand the footprint of passenger cars MMC in the region, following in the footsteps of the newly redesigned crossover Outlander is bigger and medium enterprises.


"Jet Fighter", the design of the identity of Mitsubishi Motors, in the mask before.

Sporty, dynamic exterior lines and a curved roof line and above whereas aerodynamic front, side and rear friction reduction to express a dynamic silhouette.

LED brake lights at the rear which provides superior visibility.

Available in eight body colors, including two new colors "Titanium Gray Metallic" and "Metallic Blue Kawasemi," which resembles the feathers of the beautiful azure kingfisher (Kawasemi in Japanese).


Domestic passenger comfort with gentle, soft padding, mesh fabric and a sporty look with silvery emphasizing the basic scheme of black color tone.

Elegance with a coating on the structure of the gearbox and leather steering wheel and shift knob.


Compact housing with a total length of 4,295 mm, high quality package that provides an overview for easy travel around the city.

Comfortable interior space and superior stability of the base of 2,670 mm in length wheel.


The propulsion system combines a high performance, low fuel consumption of 1.8 liter 16-valve DOHC MIVEC engine (maximum power: 102kW [139p] / 6000 rpm Max torque: 172Nm [17.5kgfm] / 4200 rpm ) with a pallet change INVECS-III Sport Mode 6-speed CVT. Low (Japanese fashion 10-15) fuel at the lowest level in its class of 15.2 km / L for the 2WD and 15.0 km / L for 4WD models, obtained from a braking system ( High-efficiency power generation control), power steering, low-friction engine and fuel technology combined with other improved aerodynamics, resulting in a reduction of 75% over the year Japanese standards 2005-gas emission (☆ ☆ ☆ ☆) and surpassing the 2010 Japanese fiscal demands of fuel efficiency by 15%. All models meet the requirements for the tax reduction eco-Japanese car (50% tax break to promote the popularization of environmentally friendly cars).

4WD system

4WD models adopt the electronic control system 4 wheel drive can also be used for the Outlander and Delica D: 5 that the traction control suits for front and rear depending on driving conditions in which a selector allows the driver to choose between three driving modes (2WD, 4WD AUTO and 4WD LOCK).

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