2011 Eistedfodd Poetry Reading - I'm Down in the Dumps

My 8 year old Megan has been selected to read a poem in the 2011 Eistedfodd. We've been learning the poem over the last week and during this time, Kaylin my 5 year old has learned the entire poem too. 

Wish Megan Luck!

I'm down in the dumps
Because I've got mumps
I hope it goes soon
Its like a balloon
It hurts when I yawn
And it hurts when I chew
and sometimes I wish that they'd
change me for new

I can't go to school
Coz my cheeks are so fat
I look like a hamster
I giggle at THAT
I pull funny faces
to help pass the time
I laid down and thought
Then I made up this rhyme


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