TAMA releases new limited edition Starphonic Snare Drum

TAMA releases new limited edition Starphonic Snare Drum

NAMM 2011 Update: TAMA releases new limited edition Starphonic Snare Drum

TAMA is expanding their “New Sound from the Golden Age” Starphonic snare drum line this January, but only for a limited time. TAMA is introducing a special and limited edition 6”x 14” Starphonic snare drum that features a 1.00 mm hardened steel shell finished with high-gloss Black Nickel plating which will offer unusual crisp, sharp and open sound combined with concert snare sensitivity. Like previously released Starphonic models, this limited edition snare drum will also come with key advancements only found on the TAMA Starphonic series.

Among these key advancement features are:
# Grooved Hoop – Features 1.6mm hoop without holes usually required to accommodate tension roads, the Grooved Hoop provides maximum strength and rigidity and truer roundness. Combined with Freedom Lug & Hook, the Grooved Hoop allows fast and easy head changing.

# Freedom Lug & Claw Hook – Quick release system that offers simple, speedy replacement of drumheads without having to take all of the tension rods out of the lugs, just loosen them and tilt them backwards and away from the Grooved Hoop.

# Linear Drive Strainer – Designed to provide greater control of the lever adjustment arm and more precise control of the strainer’s deployment motion. Also, by tilting the angle of the butt plate 30 degrees, this design holds snare wire cords or tape more firmly and reduces unnecessary pressure on the strainer and shell.

# Ratchet Style Snappy Tension Adjuster - Prevents the snappy snares from loosening. Much like an adjustment tool with fine gears, it achieves high-pressure retention, even with extreme settings. Single click adjustments offer a vertical pull of 0.125 mm of wire motion, which allows you to achieve ultra sensitive micro-adjustments.

TAMA Starphonic Limited Edition “6 x 14” snare drum will retail for $615.00. There will be only 200 pieces available in the market.

For more information about Tama Drums visit us at www.tama.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/OfficialTamaDrumsUSA

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