Adobe Photoshop update ushers in new era of iPad compatibility

Adobe Photoshop update ushers in new era of iPad

We've been quite enamored with Adobe's demos of iPad / Photoshop interactivity for some time, and now it looks as if we'll finally be able to take the whole thing for a spin. As promised, the company today released Creative Suite 5.5, which offers, among other things, the ability to use tablets and smartphones to interact with the company's flagship image editing software. While there's still no word of apps for other platforms, Adobe has given Apple's "magical" device a special namecheck, and those previously announced Eazel, Color Lava, and Nav apps will likely be hitting the App Store any minute now. Owners of the now ancient Photoshop CS5 will also be able to utilize the new feature through the recently released 12.0.4 update. Press releases after the break.

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