Yoga is to maintain the Physical and Mental Fitness

Yoga is to maintain the Physical and Mental Fitness

When we talk about Yoga, it means that you speak to connect the soul with God. Yoga is for getting Moksha means freedom from all kinds of pain that makes life balance, which is one of the most significant goal of Yoga.

Yoga is a practice whereby a person was executed for taking control of the physical and mental health, to achieve what was not achieved until now and who will suspect on God, Parmatma and is in the creation and existence of this world. Yoga provides a way for the final Occupational Safety and type of the more temporal, while in terms of eliminating sadness, the kind that would result from poor health.

The practice of Yoga is very beneficial for health protection. It helps to keep good physical and mental health can not be done by one form of drug taking or drinking potions. Yoga helps one to conquer the mental despair, and achieve a balance between body and soul. This adds the ability to work and make the brain to maintain power and memory.

Yoga called Astanga Yoga or the eight-faceted. Those eight facets is Yama, Asana, Dhyana, Pranayama, Niyana, Dharana, Pratyahara, and Samadhi.

Yama: Yama Ahimsa stands, kindness to all things, living things and feelings of tolerance and impartiality in all, doing and checking.

Satya (Truth): One must always speak and think seriously.

Brahmacharya: In this mind Parabrahma or blend with the highest level of perception.

Asteya: The man who beat of the action being bathed with precious stones.

Aparigraha: Although fun, a lot of things we do and addiction, as some of the food we eat, not good for us and should surrender.

Rutu Kala: People do not have to indulge his wife physically to other than a person adheres to the laws or husband and the same for Rutu Kala, the period beginning on the fourth day after menstruation and ending on the sixteenth.

Niyama: These include the five concepts of Satisfaction, Swadhyaya Hygiene, Penance, and Ishwari Pranidhana.
Sukha Santoshadanuttama Labha, to be truly happy and satisfied is one of the state of mind.

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