All Vitamins Can be Absorbed Body, Worse Can Poisoning

All Vitamins Can be Absorbed Body

All the vitamins and minerals that are eaten by humans is never rejected aka body can easily absorb. But the risk is if the vitamins and minerals that enter it can make the most of poisoning.

Vitamins and minerals are in fact already widely available in food, but sometimes people take supplements to ensure adequate intake of certain vitamins or minerals.

To complement the vitamins and minerals that, when it sold a variety of micronutrient supplements to meet the needs. But as much as possible people should get these micronutrients from natural materials.

"Any supplements ingested can not be rejected so that all absorbed by the body, it could be at risk of toxicity or poisoning. But if the food is not," said Dr. Inge Permadhi, MS, SpGK Nutritalk event: Healthy Inspirations for Women of Indonesia in Hong Kong Cafe, Jakarta , on Tuesday (06/07/2011).

Dr Inge said if these micronutrients from food so if intake is sufficient, these micronutrients will automatically discarded so as not to cause poisoning.

"For that I suggest eating healthy food sources and also fresh," said Dr. Inge who is a physician nutrition specialist from the Department of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of medicine.

In determining a healthy diet it should be noted 3J namely Number, Dates and Type. To determine the number affected by several factors such as gender, age, weight, height and also certain conditions. To schedule a large includes 3 meals and 3 meals a distraction (snack).

As for the type must include the macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein and fat), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), fiber and water that the composition is based on the food pyramid.

Dr Inge explained eg for iron divided into heme iron (iron that easily absorbed) can be obtained from chicken liver, oysters, red meat and tuna, while the non-heme iron (poorly absorbed and need help in the absorption of vitamin C) can be obtained from soy beans and spinach.

As for calcium can be obtained from low-fat milk, cheese, fish, especially the bones can be eaten, broccoli and beans. For vitamin B can be obtained from dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, asparagus), red beans and oranges.

"For vitamin D can be obtained from the sun, if we want to bask for a moment then can get vitamin D is enough. Vitamin D in is required in the process of absorption of calcium in the body," said Dr. Inge.

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