Male Sex Lower level ABG If Sleep Deprivation

Male Sex Lower level ABG If Sleep Deprivation

Chronic Fatigue due to lack of sleep can have serious consequences on the sexual life of a grown man. Libido or sexual desire can come down drastically in just a week, up to par with passionate sex in teens aged 15 years.

A study at the University of Chicago reveal, lack of sleep can lower testosterone levels. Because it is a major sex hormone in men, low testosterone levels can interfere with sexual function of a man as a whole.

One function of this hormone is to form bone and muscle density, so that was instrumental in supporting and raising stamina. If this function does not work, the impact energy level falls, the concentration decreases and triggers fatigue.

Based on these studies, sleep less than 5 hours / day for a week in a row to reduce testosterone levels quite significantly. Level can be synchronized with the condition of ABG (Anak New Gede) or teenage boys around the age of 10-15 years.

"Low testosterone levels associated with the strength and quality of sexual and one of the factors influencing it is the lack of sleep," said one researcher, Prof Eve Van Cauter, as quoted from the Telegraph on Saturday (04/06/2011).

Prof. Van Cauter prove it through an experiment that involved 10 healthy men, average age 24 years. Over the past 11 days, all participants underwent sleep patterns conditioned by researchers with very controlled in the laboratory.

In the first 3 nights, all participants are conditioned to sleep for 10 hours every day. Meanwhile, in the next 8 days, participants are limited sleep time so as not to exceed 5 hours each day so that experience chronic fatigue.

In addition to observing sex drive through questionnaires and oral interviews, the researchers also examine testosterone levels in the blood of participants. Evident only in 7 days, kruang sleep was reduced testosterone levels and serious impact on a man's sexual function.

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