2012 Morgan EvaGT Review

The company introduces a new concept for a family of athletes, Morgan EvaGT. The four-seater coupé is inspired by the halls of British sport in the 1950's. Among them were Bristol series Frazer Nash BMW 400 and 328. After World War II rationing forced the designers to conserve and maximize the available materials. However, the pressure cooker of war has also led to a lot of innovative engineering ideas. Steel was scarce then light aluminum is used for the body. Smooth straight six-cylinder engines have been adjusted to give a long-distance comfort and reliability. Because engineers have often worked in the development of aircraft during the war have contributed to the aerodynamics of high, but a cruising speed.

The Morgan Motor Company is the last surviving British-built sports cars. Of course, the company is fortunate to have 100 years of continued success to their backs, and as Bristol and Frazer Nash, Morgan has a history of successful collaborations with German suppliers of BMW, Siemens and Bosch. However, Morgan also works with a number of young engineering firms in the United Kingdom and world-class British university research departments.

The new challenge is to get cars that are more efficient than we've seen so far. Morgan Motor Company is well positioned to meet this challenge because it is small and flexible with a proven rapid development cycles. Currently the production of one of the greenest cars in the world of sport, Morgan Four Four Sports. Morgan achieves this by applying the new 1.6 Ford Sigma engine combined with a lightweight frame. Morgan currently has a young team of qualified technical working toward a potential engineering PHD 5, which will make full use of services research at the University of Oxford, Cranfield and Birmingham City for access to knowledge networks techniques to make cars more efficient. This team helps to develop a high-torque electric motor twice more powerful than others of the same weight and size, and a lithium phosphate with a powerful charge density to achieve higher performance the most effective for weight to date.

The dynamic team at Morgan has made a commitment in 2010 they will bring a new model every two years. The legendary sports car maker will target new niche ... electric sports car, a weekend fun vehicle and the first of the new cars will EvaGT Morgan, a cut for four people to young families, with a little of the automotive industry theater or theater, as we like to call. It is a revolution for a company famous car to the same car in 50 years!


Morgan EvaGT makes full use of intelligent technologies that Morgan Motor Company has developed to produce a light car. Morgan was one of the first automakers to see the benefits of a light aluminum frame to provide rigidity, but also to save weight. Morgan EvaGT uses an enhanced version of the classic aluminum chassis Morgan Aero Super Sport, a chassis with success in international competition GT3 motorsport. Compatible with European and safety approvals from the United States.


Morgan was the first car in 1995 to take advantage of the superformed aluminum, aircraft technology, produces smooth, precise parts of the body. Morgan Design has built a new form of Morgan EvaGT that focuses on natural materials and to understand their unique technical characteristics. Using information technology in the design and manufacture of precision to ensure that the parts are then hand finished to ensure that they feel as good as they seem. Perfect "class area, a little 'stick lines, concealed windshield wipers, flush door handles and sharp bends without wrinkles on the surface of the car. EvaGT New Morgan is the philosophy of luxury light, including the authenticity, sustainability and innovation to achieve the final result with craftsmanship.

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