Divorce Can Make Children Learning Difficulties

Divorce Can Make Children Learning Difficulties

Divorce made ​​by parents will definitely have an impact on the lives of their children. The study found that children whose parents divorce will make it difficult to learn and socialize.

Researchers found that children whose parents divorced would fight harder in learning math and social skills. This is probably because it is influenced by a sense of anxiety, loneliness and sadness they experienced.

Studies conducted over 5 years compared the emotional and academic development of children whose parents divorced and who do not. A total of 3585 children involved in this study whose age was about 4 years.

"The children will experience a decline in math scores and problems with interpersonal skills, they are more vulnerable to feelings of anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem and sadness," said study chairman Hyun Sik Kim of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as quoted from Dailymail Friday (03/06/2011).

Hyun Sik Kim said the problem will usually appear once the divorce begins. The results of this study have been reported in the American Sociological Review.

Researchers reveal the setbacks and problems that arise will be greater when the children experience the stress of seeing his parents blame each other or arguing with each other during a divorce.

"unstable living conditions experienced by children whose parents divorce also may interfere with the child's social relationships," he said.

The results of this study add further evidence to show adverse effects to children when parents divorce, especially if the divorce is done is not good. Studies in Britain show the children of divorce 5 times greater risk of suffering mental problems.

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